How to Write Funny IT Content

tech blogIt is one thing to understand that funny content is essential to making blogs successful, it’s another thing entirely to actually write funny content. Fortunately, the information technology industry has plenty of funny stuff going on, so you won’t exactly have trouble finding inspiration. A lot of the times, all you really have to do is describe how things happened as they happened. You’ll only really have trouble coming up with hilarious things to write if the subject is either a sombre one or is just about a regular event. At that point, you might want to refer to the following tips. If you want to create contents about how to get discounts such as “kortingscode actie van de dag toppers” or discount code action of the day toppers, it might be hard to write funny things.


A Twisted Observation

samsungRemember when Samsung was making those phones that exploded for no reason at all? Yeah, the world isn’t going to let the company forget that one for a long time no matter how many Special Discounts customers are offered to get the thing. Even if they offer a groupon code for products, people would hesitate to purchase from their brand because of the incident. It’s also a subject that, while serious, has been used to mock one of the biggest and most powerful companies in the world in hilarious fashion. You only really need to check out all the memes and spins that the internet has made of the tragic development. This is one of the secrets to making funny content, as well. You take something sad or disastrous, and you put it through the ringer to the raucous delight of your readers. Of course, you should tack on some important points to go along with the mockery. Otherwise, you’re just piling on without really contributing anything new.


Puns And More Puns

If you can’t or an unwilling to spin tragic events in the tech industry to your own hilarious goals (chicken!), you could always come up with puns. Lots and lots of puns. Try to work Amsterdam City Trip into topics related to weed or lack of culture or something. Yes, you’re more likely to get crucified for doing so, especially if your attempt at wordplay sucks. However, you’ll at least get some kind of reaction. If providing information about how to get discounts such as aliexpress coupon code for new member won’t work on getting visitors to your website, try to make fun puns on your content.


Compare And Contrast

You could also try comparing certain events or company screw ups with other examples that either resulted in failure or success for a laugh. Saying that X is worse than Y, for reasons 1 through 3 could result in a mountain of glee. It’s fairly easy to do, as well, as long as you’re well-stocked on tech industry gossip. If you don’t know to write funny contents, it will be hard for you to get visitors on your website. You should know how to purchase traffic then.